Ioana Jitaru is a Swiss-based multidisciplinary artist, with a deep reverence for art, spirituality and outdoors. Her body of work encompasses painting, photography, goldsmithing and interior design projects.


By using a diverse range of techniques and media, through her paintings and photography, she captures the emotional realm of the human condition and the ethereal atmosphere of nature. 

Mostly self-taught, Ioana Jitaru's work was included in a couple of private collections and was shown on several international shows. She is the winner of the "People" category award of the 12th edition of the "Julia Margaret Cameron photography award" for the professional section and among the finalists of several other painting and photography awards. 

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Artist Statement:

"For me, the photographs are not just souvenirs of precious moments and beloved people. They are mighty storytellers. There is beauty in everything, especially in the way the natural elements reveal themselves to us untamed. The beauty of the landscapes and the evanescence of a solitary and magic moment challenges me to capture the scene for eternity.

Feelings, a glimpse of reality, a fantasy are some of the sources of my painting’s inspiration. I mix materials, I bend the lines, and I use symbols and shapes to create and hide my message. Among my favourite subjects and symbols, one may find the ship and the car as expressions of the human condition, the bubbles and balloons as expressions creativity, the beach as symbol of the inner world, the sea and the road as symbols of life flow, the sky and the clouds as expression of spiritual freedom, and the abstract as expression of feelings and unconscious thoughts." - Ioana Jitaru

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Painting & Photography                       
Atelier JAD, Vevey, Switzerland 


Ioana Jitaru Peinture                       
SwissFlats, Lausanne, Switzerland 

JANUARY 01 - MARCH 30 - 2019

Selected Group Exhibitions

ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 2.0      
Eduardo Lira Art Gallery, Miami, FL, U.S.A

DECEMBER 02 - DECEMBER 08 - 2019

I love Swiss Art                      
Cite du Temps, Genève, Switzerland 

JULY 03 - JULY 29 - 2018

Woman’s Essence Show                  Espace Commines, Paris, France

APRIL 03 - APRIL 09 - 2017


Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, Switzerland

JANUARY - 2017


Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, Switzerland

OCTOBER - 2017

The Voice of the Artist

SCOPE Art Gallery, Miami, FL, U.S.A


Exhibition of the Prize Lynx

Salone degli Incanti Gallery, Trieste, Italy


Abstract Non-Figurative

Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

MAY - 2013


Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

JANUARY - 2013

Ioana Jitaru Photography                      
Art’ Place, Genève, Switzerland

JUNE 18 - SEPTEMBER 17- 2018

Ioana Jitaru Peinture                      
Auberge d’Archamps, France  

APRIL 12 - JUNE 30 - 2017

ARTBOX.PROJECT ZURICH 1.0               
SBB Event Hall, Zurich, Switzerland 

AUGUST 15  - AUGUST 19 - 2018

Une oeuvre ne vit que sous le regard 
L’Espace Ruine, Genève, Switzerland 

JUNE 20 - JUNE 25 - 2017

GPC Photo Awards 
Grob Galerie, Genève, Switzerland 

AUGUST 23 - AUGUST 31- 2017

Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, Switzerland 


Oxford International Art Fair
Oxford Town Hall, UK


Words and Works

Venice Art Factory Gallery, Venice, Italy

OCTOBER - 2015

Art Takes Miami

Miami, FL, U.S.A



The Story of the Creative

Long Island City Gallery, NY, U.S.A



People and Feelings

The Lobby Gallery, Bucharest, Romania


JULY - 2011


12th Julia Margaret Cameron Award

Photography Award | Winner


VAO” (Visual Art Open) Competition 

Painting Award | Finalist

CHESTER, U.K - 2017

Global Art Awards

Photography  Award | Finalist

DUBAI, U.A.E - 2018

Intl. Prize of Contemporary Art LYNX

Painting  Award | Finalist



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